Ange / Kata K.

Illustrator, Concept Artist, Character Designer


Kata Kemi is a finnish concept & illustration artist living in USA.
You can find her work in different TTRPG and Games published projects and IPs such as:
Darrington Press,
Ghostfire Gaming: Sunken Isles, Fable 2, Dungeons of Drakkenheim, etc
Child 39 Studios: Grand Arms: March of the Red Dragon
Arenanet: Guild Wars 2 Avatars
DMsGuild: ENNIE Award Winning module: Uncaged; Goddesses, Unbound Issue 1 & 3,
Dreadful Realms:Caverns of the Wise Minister


Illustration, design, stories through art

Business Contact

For commercial commissions, lisencing or freelancering, contact me via my business email down below.
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Private Commissions

I inform on my Twitter about the dates when I am opening slots for private commissions. When I open commission slots you may contact me to reserve a slot on Twitter DM or my commission email down below.
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Guild Wars 2 sponsored by Arenanet

I am also an Arenanet Creative Partner. I play the game almost religiously and am really passionate about it. If you'd like to support me thru the game. You can download the game via my link and play for free. Or buy the expansions via my referral URL. <3

Guild Wars 2: Expansions referral URL: LINK
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Ange / Kata K.
(Also previously known as Angeladyart, therainbowcatart)

Interested in my Glöki recipe? A delicious finnish mulled wine peaks your interest? Look no further!Glöki:2 Cinnamon Sticks
3 Star anise
10 Clove
A piece of ginger
3 pieces of orange peel
2 1/2 dl sugar (depending on how sweet wine you are getting. 1 3/4 dl if you like less sweeter)
3 dl Blackcurrant concentrate
3/4 red wine
Add cognac to your liking if you fancy
1.Add the spices to kettle. Add sugar and the blackcurrant concentrated juice. Let it boil till the mix turns syrup like, so about 10 minutes. Lift the kettle off the lid.
2. Add in the red wine and mix well. Fish the spices out of the kettle. Add in a bit of cognac if you fancy. Let the mix heat for a bit, but do not let it boil.
3. Pour the drink into glasses and decorate with star anise and cinnamon sticks. Enjoy!

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